jaydeewindsor (jaydeewindsor) wrote in maddenfootball,

Superstar Mode and precision passing

I'm playing superstar mode (i'm a running back) drafted in the 3rd round by the 49ers... I got player of the week 5 times in a row and still can't get any recognition ie. get in the performance institute or get my comments taken seriously by my agent or media... What's does it take?

Precision passing isn't that bad, what i do is simply hold down R2 for PS2 and press the button twice for the reciever i want to pass to. If you try precision passing with the analog stick it's pretty hard and not something i want to get used to. Usually before the snap i'll change the primary reciever to the one i don't want to throw too... like if i want to throw to the right side i'll change it to the reciever on the left, when i snap the ball i just move back and hold R2 until the right side reciever is in position than i just press the button for that reciever twice. Simple!
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