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Madden Update and Vids

Week 14, 2006. Cincinatti at New England. The Foresome of Randy Moss, Chad Johnson, Donte Stollworth, and Az-Hakim have led the league in almost every statistical area. With Carson Palmer tieing Peyton Manning's TD record at the end of week 13's game against the Browns in Cleveland. Trung Canidate took over starting duties after splitting carries with Rudi Johnson the year before. Rudi was traded for defensive help and a first round draft pick. Travis Henry was converted to Full Back and former Half back Chris Perry and former Wide Outs Koren Robinson and Ron Dixon were all moved to the Tight End position.

On the defense, Anthony Simmons a linebacker converted to Left Defensive End is leading the league in sacks with 16 and has 56 tackles, and former linebacker converted to Right Defensive End Mark fields is close behind with 12 and 60 tackles. The big acquisitions on defense were all done through early season trades this year. Sending slower veterans to the Titans and Falcons in return for DeAngelo Hall and Pacman Jones. Ty Law was picked up in week 5 of the previous year out of the Free Agency and was converted to Strong Safety upon the acquisition of DeAngelo and Pacman. Cei Grant had been starting at RE until week 12, he was unable to give the pass rush needed so Mark Fields was converted from MLB to RE. MLB is being played by second year player Landon Johnson as a rush stopping force in the middle rather than a pass rushing threat that Fields was. Thomas Davis was another big acquisition. Actually the one Rudi Johnson was traded for. He was a great tackler at the Strong Safety position. I moved him to Right Linebacker where he has excelled in preventing the outside rush to the right and has had numerous sacks all year long.
Here is the starting line up(in paranthesis will be their overall rating and their speed rating, all ratings are out of 99 points)...

QB: Carson Palmer(91/58) HB: Trung Canidate(85/97) FB: Travis Henry(86/88) WR: Randy Moss(99/99), Chad Johnson(97/94), Donte Stollworth(84/97), Az-Zahir Hakim(80/95) OT: Levi Jones(96/62), Willie Anderson(97/48) OG: Eric Steinbach(92/56), Dan Neil(99/60) C: Chris Terry(96/54)

LE: Anthony Simmons(99/84) DT: Odell Thurman(90/77), Davis Pollack(90/76) RE: Mark Fields(96/86) LOLB: Reggie Tongue (86/85) MLB: Landon Johnson (82/81) RE: Thomas Davis(89/86) CB: DeAngelo Hall(86/98), Adam "Pacman" Jones(83/96) FS: Deltha O'Neal (87/95) SS: Ty Law (97/94)

Here are the vids I promised from this game... still in progress. All games are played on All-Madden. Big plays are conceived by establishing the run then exploiting defensive weaknesses at the line of scrimmage. Due to their weak nickle and diem backs i moved Donte Stallworth and Randy moss to the slots to better use their speed to burn their safeties and linebackers. While having the slightly slower more clutch guys like Hakim and CJ on the outside to draw coverage to them. This strategy worked well... Randy has 3 TDs. so far...

Ty Law's return to New England is shweet... SO Shweet!
Video One

Randy Moss... catching Carson Palmer's 50th TD on the season... breaking Peyton's record... in week 14... Wooo-Hooo
Video Two
Video Three

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