Not a terrorist (thebigbadbutch) wrote in maddenfootball,
Not a terrorist

Superstar Mode

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks year's edition of Superstar Mode seems really bare. It's better than last year but we all know EA Games can do better than a new camera mode and few text messages. So, for those of you who actually play Superstar mode what else would you guys like to see in next years edition of Superstar?

Here are some things I'd like to see:
  • More cutscenes. Clearly, EA has recognized that cutscenes enhance the gameplay, or else they wouldn't have put in the cut of the guy walking into the HoF. There are plenty of opportunities to make new cutscenes in the game, such as your SS makes Player of the Week or an awards ceremony at the end of the season. Instead of text interviews with a microphone in the corner maybe the SS could actually go on a show and do the interview?
  • Money Spending. During the off season you have the opportunity to negotiate for how much money you want. What's the point of this if you can't at least use the money? I'd like for my SS to be able to use his $2.2 million deal and pick out his own apartment or furnish it. Maybe buy some clothes which he could wear during the cut scene. Maybe buy some nice cars which could also be used during the cut scene.
  • Ladies. There have been 18,000 players in the NFL. What are the chances that even 1 of them never got a date in his pursuit of the HoF honor? How about a chance to go to a club or meet a nice actress on the set of the SS's movies? Plus, a SS's interactions with the ladies could affect his reputation. Is he a playboy? Did a recent breakup affect his performance this week? Is your SS getting married in the off season? How about being able to dedicate a touchdown to the SS's kid, who'll probably be a future SS as well? Or, maybe dedicate a Superbowl touchdown to a hospitalized kid? That's the sort of thing that'll really get jersey sales going.
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